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        A  Creative  Media Agency with  A Purpose..

        A  Creative   Media Agency with  A Purpose..

Globalizing Your Creative Visions

 HISMULTIMEDIA INTL INC.     From the Page to the Stage
   W e do more than just write, produce and compose catchy hooks we are a Positive  Change Movement of Light.
Be the Change that you wish to see in this world and we have answered that Call   
"The Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not yet understood it." 
John 1:5 Light
of the World"

We were formerly a record label "Hisrecords" that grew into much more. Such as working with Cinematographers Leslie Saltus-Evans and Kerwin Devonish to create a thought provoking Intl'l documentary were we learned hands on about  music supervision.Today as a full service Boutique Creative Media Agency our mission is to encourage and inspire those with creative visions by providing a positive support system. Therefore we provide platforms to promote talent as well as composing tracks, writing message lyrics , pitching scripts, writing treatments, authoring books, press releases, CD reviews, radio placements, overall music promotion as well as producing documentaries that are life changing. Our latest addition is an Inspirational Film Festival! We are here to build up not tear down, to motivate, educate and enlighten by enhancing our communities with positive inspirational media that transforms