Music Composition and Production

We are ASCAP and BMI Songwriters and Publishers and interview you to see how you want your song or score to be. We write lyrics, bridges and hooks as well as song formulation i.e the transfer of words on paper into a visual song presentation.

We do collaborations and customize it to make it YOUR SONG!


We arrange, engineer, mix and master your project with the best in the Industry on top of the line and advanced software such as Protools HD 10, an 80 channel console board ,  24 track Atari equipment , Neumans, Shure and AKG microphones along with JBLS and Yamaha Speakers! 

Sound quality is key to our brand.

Overall we can oversee the entire project from a creative thought and melody to an actual physical and digital CD with graphics and full photo shoot.

Music Supervision for Independent Films

Organizing music catalogues and clearances in order to place the most effective tracks or compositions to be in alignment with the Directors vision.

Our affiliated studio Engineers have worked on movie scores such as "In Her Shoes"  starring Cameron Diaz and Shirley McClain and do mixes for major recording artists and labels.

Music and Media Consultation   starting at $50 per hour

Public Relation and Strategic Marketing Services Available



FEATURES                $135 up

MUSIC REVIEWS                  

$100 for album review to various sites

$35   for single review to 2 sites


Globalizing Your Creative Visions

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